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Blogging tools April 7, 2006

Posted by Sean in Web blogs.

I started looking at blogging tool from the server side briefly last Christmas break. My break/vacation is the time when I do a lot of reading on the web. From my short research, WordPress seems to fit the need and I've implemented it at work with a help of a co-worker. At work, we are using WordPress in a limited sense so I don't have a good concept of how powerful WordPress is or can be. I recently signed up with Flickr to post images for my for sale posting on CL. I was so impressed with Flickr that I've decided to utilize all of its functionality. One of Flickr's functionality is posting to a blog with images which led me to look into user blogs. I was going to sign up with Blogger, a Google owned company now, but decided to sign up with WordPress thinking that more usernames are available with WordPress. To my surprise WordPress as a user blogging tool is awesome! WordPress is super easy to use and allows many useful configurations that other blogging tools may not allow. I haven't use many blog tools (Xanga, MySpace, Friendster, LiveJournal, etc.) but WordPress may change my perspective. I have looked into the vague concept of Web 2.0 and Flickr and WordPress fits the vague definition. I think Flickr and WordPress use AJAX and overall I'm quite impress with the vague concept of Web 2.0. I'm digressing a little but back to WordPress. I submit a feedback comment and received a real reply within an hour, very impressive! IMHO WordPress is arguably the best blogging tool (server and user) and the quintessential of what Web 2.0 is all about aside from the whole buzzword craze.



1. Nancy Che Mahan - April 8, 2006

welcome to the blog world sean!!!

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