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Blogspot vs WordPress.com April 8, 2006

Posted by Sean in Web blogs.

I've signed up for Blogspot some time ago but have never use it. I've decided to check it out recently to compare it to WordPress since many people I know use Blogspot. Blogspot is formerly known as Blogger before Google bought them out in 2002. Like any Google product, it's quite easy to use. After creating an account, Blogspot takes the user through a wizard for user information input and allow the user to choose a template for the blog look and feel. Once that is done, the user can start blogging. Here is how I rate Blogspot vs WordPress.

Advantage vs WordPress

  • Allow HTML update to template (also a disadvantage)
  • Integrated AdSense (WordPress does not support AdSense)
  • Audio post by telephone
  • Easy to add new blog accounts with a single user login
  • Post blogs via email

Disadvantage vs WordPress

  • Template update require HTML knowledge. No GUI template configuration
  • All changes must be published
  • Limited template available
  • Templates are not dynamic
  • No page statistics
  • No search engine submission
  • No calendar display


  • Blogspot allow user to upload an image to user profile

Overall, I prefer WordPress because of Word Press ease of use and dynamic content control. WordPress has much better looking templates with dynamic content control. However, Blogspot audio blog and post via email are very cool options.



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