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LiveJournal Review April 12, 2006

Posted by Sean in Web blogs.

LiveJournal allow the user to create a free or paid account. The paid account costs about $3.00 or less per month depending on your billing cycle. The longer the billing cycle the cheaper the monthly fee. Here is the list of additional benefits for a paid account http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=131&view=full. The user interface is cluttered and somewhat difficult to navigate. LiveJournal focuses on the social networking like myspace or xanga. Here are some of the services that Live Journal offers:

  • Template based system with minimal customization
  • Social networking
  • Client application to post without using a browser
  • Photo storage (integrated to LJ with a paid account)
  • Text message LJ users
  • Audio/voice post
  • Post via email (with a paid account)

LiveJournal is trying to utilize the different services offer by xanga, thefacebook, myspace, and flickr and integrated it into a single service of LiveJournal with some of the services only available with a paid account. LiveJournal lacks a unique identity and it shows a lack of focus from the UI interface to the different services offered.



1. Robby - April 12, 2006


You do know that LiveJournal has been around for a long time, right?

I heard of LiveJournal before myspace, xanga, or flickr and certainly long before facebook.

I don’t think you can call LJ a new-kid-on-the-block trying to ape other people.

I will say that they are quite late on the pictures thing. That is why I originally got a flickr account, to host my images for LJ.


2. Sean - April 13, 2006

Yes I am aware that LJ has been around for quite some time. I didn’t mean that LJ is a new product and may have phrased it incorrectly.

I must say that just because a service came out first does not make it a better product. We saw it w/ Friendster and MySpace. Google vs everyone else, although Google is an exception. In fact, Blogger started out at the same time at LJ and without Google’s financial backing, Blogger may not be what it is today. Thanks for your comment

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