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Eponym Blog Review April 19, 2006

Posted by Sean in Web blogs.

I stumbled upon Eponym Blog via Google AdSense. Eponym is a fairly new blog service that has a very familiar look and feel. The homepage's UI has a similar look and feel of Blogger (including the 1,2,3 steps) and the user admin UI has a similar look and feel of WordPress. Eponym feels like a fusion of Blogger and WordPress with a pay for more services model like LiveJournal. One feature that sets Eponym apart from other free blog services is the photo gallery functionality with the free account. The free account provide the user with 10MB of storage and 100MB per month of bandwidth. However, the bandwidth limitation is not enforced at this time but Eponym has announced it will soon strictly enforced the bandwidth limitation. The free account also come with text ads. There are various price package options for an upgraded account. An upgraded account essentially provide users more storage space, bandwidth, custom URL, and no ads. One annoying thing about Eponym is the site constantly prompt for user authentication everytime one visit a blog page. Here are some of the things that make Eponym unique.

  • Subscribers option which notify "subscribers" of the subscribed blog new posts.
  • Allow pictures upload
  • Good template system
  • Template system provide high level of control with HTML modification to the template
  • Post via email
  • Allow content access control base on users and host IP address
  • Site stats but not available at the time the blog is created



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