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Google Calendar April 21, 2006

Posted by Sean in Google.

Google just never ceased to impress me with their products. Google Maps/Earth was and is very very impressive. Google Desktop is so awesome and it makes searching so much easier. It beats the heck out of Outlook search. I use Google Personalized as my homepage. When Gmail first came out, my co-worker and I discussed about how a calendar would be useful. Google Calendar is way beyond my expectation of what an email calendar should be. Yahoo's www.upcoming.org and EVDB www.eventful.com should keep an eye on Google Calendar development. This could be the beginning to an end for Evite if Evite doesn't evolve with the trend.

As usual, the user interface is awesome! With AJAX, the site is fast and responsive. The user can see any changes immediate. It is really easy to import from other Calendar (iCal, Outlook, etc.). Google Calender events can be view by other applications such as iCal or XML feed. There are public calendars created specific to each country so the user can easily add all the major holidays. Each event is classified as public or private. Public are events can be view by everyone and private can only be view by you and people you share it with. The user can define what rights each shared user has. Google Calendar also integrate with Google Maps by automatically creating a link to the location that the user has entered. Google Calendar also offer an invite list for events with the option to comment on events. The current policy is a user can send invite to any user as long as the email address is known. However, the invitee doesn't have to view the event on his/her calendar by selecting a toggle not to see the invitations. Another great product from Google and another happy Google user.



1. Jim - April 24, 2006

It’s a pretty good Web-based calender. Although the client calendars are still better.

2. Brian Dear - April 28, 2006

FYI we launched integration support for Google Calendar within 1 minute of Google Calendar’s launch a few weeks ago. So you can find events on Eventful and easily add them to your Google Calendar, no problem.

3. Sean M - December 1, 2009

Thank Yooh For Your Opinions…
They’ve Been Taken into Further Consideration.. 😀

4. potterlove28456 - April 8, 2016

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